Nick Worked with Me on Every Small Detail

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When a contractor calls to say “I’m going to be 10 minutes late,” that says volumes about that person, his work ethic  and his respect for his clients. I’m a “detail person” and Nick worked with me on every small detail on two projects. I’m thrilled with the results of both. If you have a “vision” for a project but need guidance and advice, Nick will make that vision a reality. The workmanship he provides is top of the line and if any reason for a return visit becomes necessary he’s right there….no questions.

Barbara R. Levy
Hopkinson House

I Recommend Nick Meli Every Chance I get!

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“Nick Meli, Jr. renovated my bathroom to prepare my condo for sale, and he will replace my tub with a shower in my new condo. He is a perfectionist in the best sense, gives excellent advice, and finishes what he starts, on time and on budget. I recommend him every chance I get!” – Margaret Rohdy

Nick Meli Is The Most Professional Contractor

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“Nick Meli, Jr. is the most professional contract partner I have ever had the chance to work with.  His staff meets his high standards and I couldn’t have asked for more attentive folks. He has worked with me on three major renovation projects (kitchen, bathroom and music studio) and all were completed according to my specifications, on time and on budget!”  - Cheryl Lawson

I Am So Happy I Chose Nick Meli

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When it was time to re-do my kitchen and bathroom, I had no idea where or how to start. What a big (and hopefully once in a lifetime decision) for me.   I am so happy I made the decision to chose Nick Meli,  (after a long process of researching), to totally gut and re-do from scratch my kitchen and bathroom  in the Dorchester.  That was a year an a half ago and every day I am still so thrilled to come home to my “new place “.  It is so beautifully re-done. And, I am happy to know behind the beautiful bathroom walls are great quality anti-mold drywall material too.

Nick was so responsive, reliable, and always a  pleasure to work with. He referred me to good sources to pick materials,  listened to my ideas and implemented them, while explaining and giving lots of good advice along the way, which helped me. He was flexible when I made some changes along the way.   He responded promptly to every question  I posed , even small ones.  The details he did were above and beyond my expectations.

All I can say is I highly recommend him to anyone, as the work will be done beautifully, and Nick and his crew are people you can totally trust and rely on to get it done right.  Nick gave me a set fair price and stuck to it.  He is honest,  reliable, makes the process  a pleasure and does a great job.  I am always happy to show others the quality of his work.  - Eleanor

We Always Recommend Nick to Our Friends

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There are so many reasons to loose your cool when you are renovating your house or apartment.  But if you work with Nick Meli, Jr., your contractor isn’t one of them.  He is cheerful, completes the job on time and on budget, and the people he hires take their lead from him.  We have used him a total of 6 times between us – two small jobs and four total remodels, and always recommend him to our friends…..and even to some strangers.  – Judith Widman and Mindy Widman

I recommend Nick Meli

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I have over the past 20 years recommended Nick Meli to many of my customers who either purchased a new home or wanted to renovate their existing home. In referring Nick, I knew the customer would  receive a prompt reply, courteous attention and most importantly a reliable and dependable contractor who knows “his stuff” at competitive pricing. – J.Ladre, Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors

Testimonial For Nick Meli

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I do not recommend contractors unless I am confident  that my clients will be pleased with the outcome.  I  recommend Nick  Meli because I know that  he will perform, and that my clients will find him very  easy to work with. Nick Meli is reliable. – Jody Dimitruk, CRS, Prudential Fox and Roach  Realtors

Testimonial from Dr. Siegel

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“When we decided to buy our condo in Washington Sq. we knew we had to first demolish it and then renovate from the ground up.  We were told that Nick Meli was the man to do the job.  It was the best advice we ever had.  Nick helped us design the layout, pick out and purchase all appliances, fixtures, cabinets and flooring.  He then proceeded to do a magnificent job of managing the entire renovation.  Three months later we were living in a magnificent new condo.  Nick met all contract cost and delivery items and never failed to communicate with us and make sure we were totally satisfied.  To this date, more than a year later, he has always been in touch to make sure things are going well.  You couldn’t ask for a more professional and competent all around contractor.  Thanks Nick!” – Dr. Sidney R. Siegel