Testimonial from Dr. Siegel

/ February 21st, 2011 / Comments Off

“When we decided to buy our condo in Washington Sq. we knew we had to first demolish it and then renovate from the ground up.  We were told that Nick Meli was the man to do the job.  It was the best advice we ever had.  Nick helped us design the layout, pick out and purchase all appliances, fixtures, cabinets and flooring.  He then proceeded to do a magnificent job of managing the entire renovation.  Three months later we were living in a magnificent new condo.  Nick met all contract cost and delivery items and never failed to communicate with us and make sure we were totally satisfied.  To this date, more than a year later, he has always been in touch to make sure things are going well.  You couldn’t ask for a more professional and competent all around contractor.  Thanks Nick!” – Dr. Sidney R. Siegel

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